31 Days of Deep & Restful Meditation. 31 Days to Experiment. 

31 Days to Meditate.


During this time of change, we have been given the opportunity to live life different. To take a step back, realise what is important, and slow down. 

To be with ourselves, and come home to what truly makes us human. 

Times like these create the perfect conditions for meditation.

If you are interested in meditation, desire to be more regular with your practice, or simply think that maybe, just maybe, you should try this “thing" called meditation,

I invite you to join me for an experiment. 

A 31 Day Experiment.


Who: You

What: 20 Minute Guided Deep Rest Meditation 

When: Daily @ 7:00 PM AEST 

Where: Via ZOOM, from the comfort of your own home

Why: To quiet the mind, relax the body & connect to your being

How: Sit comfortably with eyes closed, and let the technique do all the work

The effects & benefits of meditation can be simple and relaxing, to transformational and life changing. It depends on how often you sit in the chair. You can attend once a month, once a week, or once a day. Experiment with what works for you. At the very least, you will enjoy deep rest & relaxation, and we all could use a bit more of that.

Confirm your interest in joining this experiment by sending me text/email. I will send you a link. The link will be active for 31 days, use it every time you connect. 

Please note you will need to download zoom to gain access to the daily meditation. This is easy to do, and is free.

What is Meditation?

Connection. Growth. Belonging. 

Meditation is a process that activates the relaxation response of the nervous system, and creates the conditions for the mind & body to un-stress and experience deep rest & relaxation. A regular practice improves your capability to meet the demands of daily life, and will enhance & ensure your overall health & wellbeing. 

This Learn to Meditate course is a mantra based being technique. It is a personal, self directed practice that draws the mind inward to create the conditions of deep rest & relaxation. It requires no focus or control, no beliefs, and no experience. 

Being technique meditation is:

Easy - sit comfortably with eyes closed

Effortless - let the technique do all the work

Effective - it works, whether you believe it does or not

Efficient - gives you time. by doing less, you will achieve more

Courses : Learn To Meditate

Learning to Meditate is the most powerful gift that you can give yourself. It will have a positive effect on every area of your life. 

The first step to learning to meditate is to schedule an introductory talk & find out if this technique will meet the needs of why you want to learn to meditate. In it you will learn more about the details of the course, the practice and the life long benefits.


The introductory talk is free and there is no obligation to do the course. It can be done in person/phone at a time that suits your schedule, or you are welcome to attend a regularly scheduled introductory talk.


The course consists of three 90 minute sessions held over 3 consecutive days. By the end of the course, participants will be self - sufficient in the technique and are able to practice on their own.


$660 Private Course Fee

$330 Standard Group Course Fee

$108 Discounted Group Course Fee* 

 *for individuals with a reduced income at this time

All Introductory Talks are currently held online.

Contact Kari 

0401 692 560

This technique is...

  • Great for people who have never meditated or believe their mind is too busy to meditate
  • Simple to learn, effortless to practice
  • Easy to make into a daily habit
  • Perfect for people who already meditate, and want to deepen a practice
  • Non religious
  • Requires no focus or control
  • Can be done anywhere, anytime

Meditation can...

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue
  • Increase energy & vitality
  • Build capabilities & resources to meet the demands of life
  • Give you better clarity & focus
  • Increase your happiness and wellbeing
  • Create greater self awareness & outlook on life
  • Promotes connection, growth & a sense of belonging


0401 692 560

Group Meditation



North Steyne Surf Club @ Manly Beach

A weekly meditation connecting people to themselves, to nature and to each other. A local movement with a global message. This event is FREE.

ALL WELCOME. Simply show up.

Energy Healing


Release & Transform

 Clear mental & emotional blocks and align with your true nature. Be more of who you want to be. This course is a life changing inner journey of emotional stress release, personal growth and transformation. Through the use of the Resonate Essences core range you will shift emotional blocks and change internal states to allow for more positive experiences in relation to your goals and your everyday life. A natural way to improve your mental/ emotional state of being and maintain a positive outlook on life.


Energy Balancing Sessions

 Align & Balance your personal energy and connect & ground with your self. These sessions balance the energy in the body and bring a sense of peace to the mind. They use kinesiology, energy work and vibrational essences to identify blocks, bring awareness, and infuse a higher state of being. Energy balancing is a non-medical approach to restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A natural way to shift any area of your life.

Contact Us

Send a message or call 0401 692 560


15 Tramore Place, Killarney Heights New South Wales 2087, Australia



By Appointment



About Kari...

Kari came to meditation because something had to give. After many years of normalising a high state of stress, she realised that stress was having a negative effect on her mental health and overall wellbeing. On the outside, her life appeared normal. On the inside, negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs from the past and constant worry about the future began to rule her mind. Contrary to this she felt a deep desire to be a better person, a better parent and experience a better life. After years of her own personal meditation practice and study, Kari now teaches others to connect with their true nature, through meditation. 

Kari teaches a modern technique, based on ancient wisdom. She offers experience & support to ensure that the technique is done correctly. Upon completion of a course, a person is able to meditate on their own and has an understanding of who they are beyond their thoughts & emotions, beyond their ego. 

She views meditation, holistic health and energy balancing techniques as foundations for a balanced life and optimal health. She acknowledges the science & the art of healing, and is passionate about honouring natural, simple, proven techniques to enhance living & being. Kari innately understands how stress can effect a persons' overall health & wellbeing, and supports people through personal transformation.

What people say about Kari...

Authentic, trustworthy, humble, grounded, free spirited, realistic, acceptance of all, naturally brings out the best of people, is inquisitive & insightful, has a positive outlook & an ability to see beyond, lives from her heart and with a sense of humour. She has faith in humanity, and considers people more important than things.

About MeditateLoveLife...

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Techniques

Meditate Love Life is a purpose built, values based, people focused, wellness studio that provides meditation courses, and energy balancing sessions to support individuals to un-stress, restore vitality, and experience greater fulfilment in life. 

Mission: To share meditation with as many people as possible, and make it accessible, achievable & affordable.


Vision: Peace, People, Planet, Purpose. 

Imagine a world where every being can have their core needs met, live to their full creative potential and focus on what really matters. A world where personal growth and wellbeing are a part of the social responsibility for the greater common good. This is my vision.


7+ years professional practice in holistic & energy based kinesiology

5 + years teaching meditation

10+ years personal meditation practice & commitment to personal growth

Vedic Meditation Teacher/ Initiator Training

1GM Teacher Training Academy  

Advanced Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Training

Diploma of Kinesiology - Australia College of Vibrational Healing

Resonate Essence Adv Practitioner Training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

B.A. Sociology




Meditation has taken the edge off. In only 30 days, I feel more connected to myself, my family and my life. ~ EP, age 25

I used to be exhausted by life. Now, I am excited by life. ~ GG, age 20

I now realize that meditation is the link that was missing in my life. After 60 days, I am more sure, than I have ever been, about my place in life. ~ TJ, age 45

I have tried to learn to meditate many times, I never thought I would be able to do it. Kari suggested that this technique would be perfect for me. I decided to do the course. After 3 days, I had learned to meditate, felt I could do it, and was noticing tiny little shifts in my awareness . After 30 days, I had committed to a once a day practice. After 60 days, I am happy to say that I am still meditating. Thank you Kari, for this wonderful gift. ~ KM

Learning meditation was a major turning point in my life. I remember on my first session still feeling so anxious, after 3 years of living with anxiety. After the first session, I already felt that a weight had been lifted. A few years on, my meditation practice has stayed with me, and my anxiety has gone. I feel I can live confidently in my life, without being plagued by worry at every turn. The main lessons I have learnt from doing this practice is to be accepting of whatever comes up in life, and to know that everything changes. ~ CM, age 19

Kari is an amazing teacher who will help you find the confidence within yourself to conquer difficulties in your life. ~ CM, age 22

The meditation course that I undertook with Kari is beautiful in its simplicity, which makes it a sustainable practice. I love the clarity and peace I receive when I use this meditative practice in my busy life. ~ SC, age 47

To be the best version of yourself, live lightly, be happy, unencumbered - energy work for me is synonymous with wellness. This work is for those seeking a deeper self awareness and ultimately a wholistic preventative against disease with the goal of profoundly effecting those around you as well. ~ BG, age 50

My sessions with Kari always blow me away. I come away illuminated in a deeply truthful way that is about connectedness and insightful self knowledge. Kari is aligned with a high vibration and the space she provides facilitates this growth for me in ways that always feel safe and altering at the same time. ~ BE, age 50

I have gained so much from seeing Kari and taking “The Drops”. I’m feeling stronger and clearer about who I am and about the direction I want to go in. When I first heard about the essences course, my “bit too out-there” radar was definitely alerted! But something in me wanted to give it a go. I’m so grateful I did. I found exploring one emotion at a time very effective. The daily ritual of taking the drops and saying an affirmation gave some space, time and energy to making changes in my life. The process was surprisingly profound - yet so simple.

Kari has a gift for holding her sessions lightly using her beautiful warmth and humour, while also tackling the big themes of life. She is no doubt a gifted healer and truly special person.

I wholeheartedly recommend her and her essences courses. ~ Anna, age 43

I am a newbie to energetic work like Kinesiology, and I came to my session with Kari with a very open mind despite not knowing what to expect. I found Kari to be a most wonderful practitioner in that she is highly attentive and sensitive in her approach which put me immediately at ease. I enjoyed the experience very much and felt a renewed sense of ease in my body afterwards which also extended to my mental state. Kari possesses a luminous quality of lightness within her being which allowed me to clear and shift stagnant energy with her assistance. I would highly recommend working with Kari for any physical, mental or emotional blocks which you might be experiencing. ~ LP, age 44

Intuitive, gifted and exceptional in everything you do. ~ MD

My sense of self awareness has shifted dramatically since beginning the essence course. Before, I was very much consumed by past hurts and couldn't see a way past them. Now, I have this incredible awareness of how my being has stored these past hurts, helping me to release them. I feel that I now better understand the totality of myself. My emotional state has also shifted. The essence course helps you to completely let go of emotions that don't serve and infuse emotions that are more in alignment with your ultimate truth. When these old emotions attempt to sneak back, you can observe them with greater clarity, and they cease to consume you any longer. ~ CM, age 21

The essences are perfect for any difficulty you are facing in your life. It's amazing how much perspective the course gives you, and how quickly you can raise your vibration.

I began working with the essences about a year ago. I loved the simplicity, gentleness and ritual they brought to my life. Though the work was subtle, it was powerful. Immediately when I would move on to a new essence, I would know the issue it was here to help me with. A sense of resolution or evolution, or both, came with the issue at the end of each course of drops. 

I worked through some very big family, ancestral and core wounds in my life that I have been working on for years. With the essences I was able to reach a place of peace and acknowledgement of these wounds, and am able to move forward with gratitude and awareness, letting the old stories rest.I recommend the essences to anyone wanting to move through old ways of being and thinking, gently and consciously. Though they seem small, they did big work in my healing journey.Kari is a wonderful facilitator and guide, she was able to tell immediately where I was at on my path and held me through the process. ~ TG, age 45

Wow! The resonate essences are very powerful and I had some amazing awareness and shifts of deep seated emotional challenges I had been dealing with. They have been really good at assisting me to "let go". Kari is a caring, authentic practitioner who has a natural ability to connect on all levels and provides a very safe space to work through any issue with integrity. It's obvious that she walks her talk and has undertaken lots of personal work and this shines through in her communication style and the way she actively listens and treats you as an individual. If you are ready to take accountability for change, I would highly recommend Kari - you won't be disappointed. ~ SC, age 52